Monday, May 23, 2011

Show Quality Dogs Available

There are three dogs that come to mind that have been adopted from the Lycoming County SPCA and have been awarded ribbons, trophies and other prizes.  I must add that it is not necessarily all the dog's doing.  The adopters get the majority of the credit because they were the ones that consistently worked with their adoptee.

Cannon is a Rotweiler who was removed from a severely neglectful situation.  He was tied out to a fence in the coldest part of the winter without shelter, and did not have the comfort of a warm house or companionship of a loving owner.  And that is not the worst of it!  When the investigator attempted to remove the chain it was found to be imbedded into his neck.  The officer had to cut the tie out in order to remove the dog.  He was filthy, very thin, his coat was dull, and he had a chain imbedded in his neck.  Fast forward to the good part.  He was recently recognized by the AKC as one of the top ten agility dogs in the USA!!!!

Two other labrador retrievers that were adopted from the SPCA as puppies (at differnet times), are accomplished dock divers.  If you don't know waht that is, then I encourage you to attend a competition (or view it at  The dogs and owners are enthusiastic competitors, and wheter they win or not, they all have a good time.

And to think that they were once unwanted animals.

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