Monday, May 16, 2011

Pet I.D.

So far this year 55% of the stray dogs and less than 1% of stray cats have been returned to their owner.  You can help increase those odds by a few simple steps.
  1. Put a collar on your pet.  Use a breakaway for your cat.  Write your phone number on the collar.
  2. Put an identification tag on your pet's collar.  Your phone number and/or address can mean the difference between never seeing your pet again, or having it returned to you. 
  3. Microchip your pet.  It is a lifetime identification and can be scanned at the shelter or a veterinarian's office.
  4. License your dog, it is required by Pennsylvania State Law.
  5. Call your local shelter if you do lose your pet.
  6. Put up flyers in your neighborhood about your lost pet.  Alert area veterinarians in case they are brought in by a finder.
  7. Don't assume that you will never lose your pet.  You never know when the plumber might prop the door open, the kids friends forget to close the gate, or (Yes this has happened) your pet jumps out of a window, etc, etc.

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