Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hard at Work

Officers Woltz, Lecheler and Fidler procured and served a search warrant Monday.  Twenty one beagles were removed from filthy conditions.  What was obvious from the initial investigation, was that the animals were not being cared for properly.  Upon closer inspection, many of the dogs were found to have mild to severe health problems.  I can't divulge details because we have an ongoing case, but we are treating every single dog for one thing or another.  How can one person possibly care for that many dogs?  Many dog owners are divided on how much care to give.  Some feel that the rabies shot required by Pennsylvania State Law, food, and water, are enough.  Then there are those who will go to any length to care for their pet including major surgery or chemotherapy at a veterinary hospital.

Our job is to alleviate suffering regardless of the philosophy of the pet owner.  These dogs are being provided veterinary care, medication, clean and sanitary conditions, and socialization.  After living in wire bottom cages it is very satisfying to see them curled up on a comfy bed.  That alone makes our job worth it.

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