Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's Raining..........Cats

On Monday we received 22 stray cats and kittens.  And not all from one place. 

The Lycoming County SPCA has been in existence since 1892.  I don't have statistics since that time, but looking back, we had the same problem with puppies.  Now, we rarely see puppies.  Why the difference?  I believe that effective spaying and neutering of owned dogs, and dog licensing have made a huge impact on dog overpopulation. 

Cats frequently run at large because there are no laws regulating cats.  So they get pregnant, have kittens, and those kittens have kittens, etc, etc.

My dream is that our elected officials will listen to me when I say that there needs to be regulations regarding cats at large.  I know that when irresponsible pet owners are required to care for their pets so that they are spayed and neutered and not running at large (aggravating the neighbors and eating small animals) we will not see 22 cats in one day.

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