Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Latest on Miracle

Meet Miracle.  She was picked up by the side of the road covered in blood.  The individual who called us thought she had been hit by a car.  Upon closer examination, it was found that she had been shot three times.  Her jaw was fractured and needed surgery.  The first bullet was removed from her jaw because it was causing a lot of swelling and drainage.  Her jaw was so damaged that she needed a plate to fill the gap.  She later had the remaining bullets removed, plus some damaged teeth.  You can barely see the shaved patches below her collar where her wounds were.  She is recovering nicely at the shelter thanks to the wonderful care she received at The Animal Hospital, Northwest Veterinary Referral Hospital and her foster Mom.

She is now available for adoption and is spending her time in my office.  Because of her experiences, she is fearful of men and needs to be introduced slowly.  But once she gets to know you she loves you. Big Slurpee kisses are given generously.

She gets along with some dogs but not others.   She is also very playful.  Her favorite thing is to chew, or maybe to run, or it could be long walks.   I guess she just loves being a dog.

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