Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Medical Care for Pets

Owning a pet is a lifetime commitment.  At least I think so, and so does the SPCA staff.  So imagine our frustration when a pet owner no longer wants their pet.  One of the biggest reasons for the surrender of a pet is 'moving'. 

However, my heart goes out to our Senior Citizens who need to move from their home because they can no longer afford the upkeep or are physically unable to care for their homes.  And worse yet they have to give up their beloved pet. 

And then there are people who give up their pet because they can't afford the veterinary care.  Their animal gets sick and since they have no established relationship with a veterinarian, they are told they need to pay up front.  So without money to pay, they decide to surrender the animal to the SPCA. 

The SPCA is currently over budget on its medical expenses because of the number of sick animals it has had to deal with.  The reward though, is a healthy, adoptable animal and a joyful new family!

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