Saturday, July 28, 2012

Futuristic Wish List

If I could have 10 wishes for my animal shelter they would be:
1.  Every animal would be spayed or neutered via a machine much like an x-ray.  It would be non-invasive and without complications.
2. We could put animals in a machine and  have them shrink to the adopter's desired size.
3.  Animal feces would be as valuable as gold.
4.  Pit Bulls would be as desirable as Yorkies.
5.  Cats would use birth control.
6.  Worms and viruses would be extinct.
7.  Someone would invent a machine that would convert animal thoughts into words.
8.  All animals would be hypoallergenic.
9.  Landlords would require all renters to have a pet.
10.  We would have enough money to pay our employees what they are worth.

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