Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Repeat Offenders

I have been working for the Lycoming County SPCA since 1999.  I've seen a lot of wonderful things that are often overshadowed by ignorance. 

One of Humane Society Police Officer's has worked for the Lycoming County SPCA for 43 years.  He has seen more in his lifetime than one person should have to.  And this is where the repeat offenders come in.  And they are the worst offenders to boot!

Our officers will go on an investigation and find horrible conditions.  We can remove the animals, fine the owners, and direct them not to have animals to the limit of time allowed by the law.  Typically one year.  So what happens after the one year?  They start collecting more animals.  I'm not sure of the mentality involved but they take in one animal, then another, then another.  Then they have babies because they don't have money to take take them to a vet.  Then they don't have enough money to feed them.  Or provide flea treatment.  Before you know it, their yard and house are full of feces and urine.  Officers must wear filtered gas masks and suits to protect them from the fleas and harsh smells that could damage their lungs.  And people live like this!  What is even worse is that they will do it all over again.

Animal hoarding is a terrible problem and the recidivism rate is high.  And it is a common problem for all animal shelters.  The bigger tragedy is that the poor unfortunate animals have no say in the matter. 

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