Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pet Tattoos

I'm not talking about hearts and flowers here, I'm referring to spay neuter tattoos.  This is a terrific benefit for all animals that have been spayed or neutered because it identifies the animal as having had the surgery, and it prevents the animal from unnecessary exploratory surgery should it end up in a shelter.  The veterinarian simply applies tattoo ink to a small scratch in the skin near the surgical site during the procedure.  If the animal should ever end up as a stray or surrendered to a shelter by someone who doesn't know the animal (for instance the owner passes away), the tattoo will alert the shelter that the animal has already been spayed or neutered.

Even more exciting news to me is that veterinary schools are teaching shelter medicine.  What that means is that veterinarians are learning the challenges of caring for shelter animals and are learning techniques that will enhance the animals' care.  So much has improved in animal sheltering over the years.  I look forward to the improvements.

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