Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Chugly Revisited

I always enjoy visits from my more memorable adoptions.  Here is Greta in her pink harness, extra weight, and all her fur.  When she came to the Lycoming County SPCA (pictured right) she was missing most of her fur, and what she did have was patchy with sores and open wounds.  She was so frightened that I kept her in my office.  We quickly bonded and I enjoyed her personality.  I actually thought about introducing her to my three dogs but with two of them being elderly, I resisted the impulse.  I could see that she loves her new family.  (And she completely forgot about me-but that's OK-I'm glad she's happy.)  Her visit to the SPCA was twofold.  She came to look for a four-legged friend and visit the shelter staff. 

And those of you who are new to this blog-Chugly is the term I used to describe her charmingly ugly appearance.  I'm so happy to have seen her again!  Especially since she is doing so well and is so obviously happy.

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