Friday, June 1, 2012

Old Dogs

 The two little poodle/bichon mixes (Baby-brown, Fluffy-white) had to be surrendered due to the owner's health.  Imagine how difficult that was for the elderly woman who enjoyed their loving companionship.  And imagine how difficult it is for these 10 year old dogs to be in a noisy environment with new people, new smells, and lots of other dogs.  We would like to find a home for them where they will remain together.

The black lab mix, above, Nolan, arrived as a stray.  He is the perfect first dog.  He is mature, comfortable with long silences, walks nicely along side without rushing and pulling, and is happy with everyone he meets.  Since he arrived as a stray we don't know a lot about his previous life.  Perhaps he left his former owner to find a new family that will love him, give him delicious dog food, a comfy bed, and lots of belly rubs.  Are you that family?

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