Thursday, June 7, 2012

Disposable Cats

                                                  How could someone give me up?
We live in a disposable economy.  The TV breaks.  Do we get it repaired?  No, it costs almost as much to get a new one.  So we get rid of the old and unwanted and buy new.  Or, in the case of the poor felines, you move, can't take the cat with you, so you leave it behind. 

Officer Woltz had a witness observe a man get out of a car with a carrier, dump three kittens out by the side of the road and drive off.  Why?  The poor little kittens ran off into the woods to fend for themselves.  Will they find prey to live off of or will they become prey? 

The staff at the SPCA just can't understand it. We value every life and can't understand why others do not. 

For those of you who have pets, you probably can't understand it either.  Our pets sleep in our beds, share our hearts, and love us unconditionally.  They are dependant on us to food them and keep the safe and healthy.  What a tragedy that they could be disposed of so cruelly!

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