Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kitten in the Sewer

Pictured is our SPCA employee descending into the sewer to set traps to catch a kitten.  This was his second trip into the sewer.  His first attempt was to try to catch the kitten but it ran from him and he was unable to reach him in the small space. 
So our next effort involved placing towels, that were tied together like a rope, down into the drain.  Because the cat is feral it would run away from people.  On Monday, we placed traps for the day.  We removed them in the evening because we were expecting (and got) rain.

The food we left was undisturbed and we did not see evidence that the kitten was still there.  We are pretty sure that the kitten climbed up the towel ladder and escaped. We will periodically check just to make sure it isn't still there. 

Unfortunately, when a cat becomes feral it does not want any human contact.  This brings up an entirely different controversy of feral cat colonies. 

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