Monday, January 9, 2012

The Pull of the Moon

I have to say that when the full moon approaches, there is a lot of activity at the SPCA.  On Wednesday we only had a few cat and dog kennels available.  On Thursday, January 5, we took in 12 animals.  We were juggling kennels back and forth as animals were coming in and going out.  By the end of the night the dog kennels were completely full.  When all was said and done 17 animals left the shelter.  Friday saw six animals come in and 22 go out.    Saturday was another whirlwind with 11 animals coming in and 15 going out.  Whew!  What a roller coaster ride to go from being full to capacity to seeing empty kennels again. 

So for those of you on the east coast, enjoy the full moon tonight.  The pull certainly had us moving, but to move 54 animals out is not a complaint, we are just exhausted!

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