Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hunting and Other Musings

I have an employee that wore a sweatshirt that read "Hunting isn't everything, It's the Only Thing".  It featured a picture of a deer with antlers on the front.  He hunts, and he makes use of the meat.  It's not that I'm against hunting.  I do eat meat myself.  However, I have sensitive donors.

One donor demanded that I remove the pig ears from the gift shop or she would stop donating.  I tried, without success, to explain that dogs eat meat and that they like things to chew on.  She never came back.  I feel bad about that because I like to find compromises and make everyone happy, but sometimes it is not possible.

I had another donor who discovered cat toys made of rabbit fur.  I do try to avoid buying real fur but the cat toys were bundled with other toys and the fur mice were part of the package.  The donor had a cemetery lot in our cemetery, and asked that we bury them.  I compromised and cremated them.  At least I made her happy.

I try to keep an open mind.  I don't discriminate between vegans and carnivores.  I've hunted a few vegetables in my time.  I just can't please everyone.

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