Saturday, January 14, 2012

Don't Give Away Your Pets

A man arrived at the SPCA with a puppy. He had a new job and would not be able to care for it properly.  Not a problem.  We could easily find a home for the little pup.  A young woman and little boy were admiring the puppy and the man said "Do you want it?".  She of course said yes.  I said "You are making a mistake, you don't know anything about them."  Long story short, the young girl returned the puppy to the SPCA a week later.  Best thing for the puppy because she still had not had her puppy shots.

Then a man brought in a bunny.  It was the second pet he got "for free" from Craigs List.

And the whopper of all whoppers; a hoarder that we have dealt with before had 11 dead animals, many half starved  and sick animals in a filthy home that we rescued.  Where do you think she got them?  We've already cleaned her out once and here we go again. 

So the moral of the stories is:  Don't give away your pet "Free to a good home" unless you do your homework.  Visit their home.  Find out if they provided veterinary care to their previous pets.  Make sure they have the means to provide good food, housing, and necessary vet care.  Or take your pet to your local shelter. Make sure that your pet really does go to a "good home."

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