Tuesday, November 29, 2011

ID Your Pet

Approximately half of the dogs and 2/3 of the cats we receive are strays.  Strays are more likely returned to their owners when they have identification (ID).
1.  Write your phone number with a permanent marker on the pet's collar. 
2.  Get a microchip.  Most shelters and even veterinarians offices have the ability to scan for a microchip.  When you get your pet microchipped, re-check it about a month or so after insertion.  (They sometimes back out of the insertion point.)
3. Make sure your microchip is registered and up-to-date.  When you change your address and phone number, remember to update your pet's info.
4. Make sure you have up-to-date licensing for your area.
5.  Purchase an ID tag with your address and phone numbers on it.
6.  If you do lose your pet, check with your local shelters, put up flyers in the area where you lost your pet, and if you can afford it; put an ad with a picture in your local newspaper.

Only 66% of the dogs and 3% of the cats find their owners.  Don't let your pet be one of those strays that doesn't find its way back to you.

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