Monday, November 21, 2011

Someday I feel Like Solomon

Remember the story about King Solomon?  He had two women, both claiming to be the mother of the same baby.  In an effort to determine who the real mother was, he ordered his guards to cut the baby in half so that each mother could have half.  The real mother cried out, no, let her have my baby.  So Solomon knew that the mother who would save her baby was the real mother.

So this morning, a woman approached me about getting her dog back.  Her father-in-law brought the dog in because he thought it was too much for them to take care of.  To make matters worse, he lied to us and said the dog was a stray.  Meanwhile the dog was here 4 days, then adopted.  The husband called after the dog was adopted, wanting it back, and was told no-it was already adopted.  Now the wife is begging to have the dog back. 

How unfair for the SPCA staff to be put in the middle of this family's conflict.  How unfair to the adopter to even consider giving the dog back.  How unfair that the father-in-law took it upon him self to take the dog, and lie to the SPCA!  How unfair that I am asked to to my job, then undo it!

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