Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ten Things a Shelter Worker Should NOT Say

10.  WTF!  You are giving up your pet because it sheds?
9.  OMG.  You haven't taken your 3 year old pet to the vet since it was a pup and now that it has no fur left you want to DONATE it to us?
8.  Do you know how much money I make?
7.  So, you have a cat in your yard and you want us to pick it up.....if you had cockroaches in your kitchen would you expect  an exterminator to get rid of them for no charge?
6.  You tie the dog to a dog house, she is not spayed, and you wonder why she keeps having puppies!
5.  If you didn't let your cat out it wouldn't be lost.
4.  You lost your cat a week ago and you are just now calling to look for it?
3. Do you really think your child would take care of a pet without your supervision?  Do you expect him to do his own laundry too?
2.  Your dog is too big? Did you think your Saint Bernard would stay puppy size all its life?
1.  You should be euthanized.

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