Monday, December 5, 2011

Special Gifts

Working for a Humane Society gives my friends and relatives the idea that I love animal themed gifts.  I'm always surprised by the things that can be made for animal lovers.  I have received some really great gifts such as an umbrella with cats and dogs on it.  (So it's always raining cats and dogs).  A scarf with dogs on it.  A door mat saying "Wipe your Paws", candles shaped like a cat and a dog....  Well you get the idea.

One gift that is especially appreciated is a gift of a donation to one of my favorite charities.  It never has to be exchanged for size and is always appreciated.  I just love it when people come to the shelter during the holidays and ask for a gift card for a friend or family member.  (Even if it isn't for me!)

So this holiday season, when you are stumped as to what gift to give the animal lover on your list, consider a gift to an animal shelter.  I know the animals will certainly appreciate it.

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