Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What did Solomon Do?

A reader of my blog asked what was my decision about the people who wanted their dog back.  (Some days I feel like Solomon).

I called the adopter.  She raved about the dog she adopted and how much she was enjoying her.  She also mentioned that she had bought another puppy because she really wanted a Labrador.  I mentioned how the family was regretting the fact that the dog ended up at the SPCA and really wanted her back.  She asked me if there were children involved.  Yes, there were two school age children but I wasn't sure of their ages.  The adopter wanted to talk to her husband and would make a decision.

The adopter called the family and decided that she would return the dog to the family.  There were a lot of tears and hugs exchanged when they brought the dog back and returned it to the family. It was bittersweet.  The adopter had a heart bigger than I could describe because she clearly loved the dog, and the dog clearly loved her.

This is what amazes me about my job.  I meet some wonderful people.  (I also meet a lot of idiots but that is fodder for another blog).  So now the dog is back with its original family and they are happy.  And the adopter with the big heart is willing to give us a try again and find another SPCA dog to love.  She did say it will be a little while though.  It was harder than she realized to say goodbye to her four legged friend, but she now has four two legged friends who will be forever grateful that they got their dog back.

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