Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cruelty Takes its Toll

Animal sheltering can be a very difficult job.  People are very emothional about their animals, and then again some are not.  Probably the worst part about the job is the neglect and crueltly inflicted on animals.

So far this year, as of March 26, Officer have seized 72 animals due to neglect!  That is 20% more animals seized during the same time period compared to last year. 

On March 25, Officers seized two horses.  When they arrived with a search warrant, they found a deceased horse.  It had dug a trench in the barn in its efforts to try to get back up, but eventually succombed and died.  It was a gruesome sight.  The horse obvioulsy suffered and the owner did not show any sympathy for the unfortunate horse's plight.  The two hourses that were removed were pathetically thin.

Now here comes the emotional part.  The owner can't believe we took her horses! She is distraut to the point that she went to the hospital.  Really?  Who among us think this horse is OK?

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