Monday, April 7, 2014

Eater Basket Hazards

Easter is not too far away and with Easter comes a variety of hazards for our pets.  Many dog owners are well aware that chocolate is toxic for dogs, especially dark chocolate.  So don't let the dog eat the bunny.  (Chocolate bunny, that is.)

Be VERY aware of candy or gum that has XYLITOL as an ingredient.  This can be deadly for your pets.  More and more products contain this chemical and it is a killer of pets.

And that cute and colorful "grass" can create blockages in cat stomachs.  What is it with cats that they like to eat that?  If only they could talk.

Be aware of Easter Lilies, Daffodils-they are toxic to pets too.  These are not the only plants that are harmful to pets, but are most often associated with Easter.

Holidays can be busy times and we can be distracted with a lot of comings and goings.  Keeping our pets out of mischief can be a full time job.  With a little extra awareness we can keep our pets safe and the humans can be the ones to eat the bunny ears. 

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