Thursday, March 27, 2014

I Heard You Smother Dogs

I answered the phone to a woman who was asking about our cremation services.  She was having her sick and elderly dog put to sleep and wanted to know how much it cost to have a cremation so that she could get the ashes back. 

To clarify the costs I asked her if the dog would already be deceased or would we be performing the euthanasia.  She replied indignantly, I wouldn't let you do it, you smother them don't you?

Sorry, but I actually laughed out loud at that one.  She didn't think it was funny and said so.  I agreed it is not funny but it is amazingly inaccurate.  I explained that the dogs receive a shot in their rump that sedates them.  Then they receive an intravenous injection that totally sedates them and stops their heart from beating.  It is a very quick procedure.

How do stories like this get started?  It is so unfortunate that rumors spread so rapidly and the truth gets buried much more quickly.  I receive calls, emails and facebook messages asking questions about many topics.  It makes me appreciate people who take the time to get the facts instead of relying on the rumor mill. 

So no, we do not smother animals.  How sad that someone would believe that!

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