Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Savings More Cats

Beginning April 1, 2014 the Lycoming County SPCA will accept cats for surrender by appointment only.  In this way we will be able to accept cats and kittens as space allows. 
            The SPCA is modeling this program after seeing the progress made by Erie County SPCA.  After one year of implementing their program, Erie County SPCA reduced their euthanasia rate by 88 %.  That shelter also experienced a reduction in illness and death once the cat by appointment program was initiated.

            Our goal is to stop using euthanasia as a means for population control. When the residents of Lycoming County call us to add their cat to our waiting list, they will help us save lives. 

            With the new cat room addition for incoming cats, the SPCA will have new arrivals examined, spayed or neutered, and then moved to the  public cat room for adoption.  As the cats and kittens are adopted, it will free up space for incoming cats.

            By allowing the SPCA to schedule the incoming cats, staff will not be required to perform needless euthanasia to make space for incoming cats.  The SPCA will continue to provide euthanasia services for owned pets when requested.

            Sounds good, but there are critics.  People worry about the cats we don't take in.  However, it isn't as if we won't take them in, we are just asking people to wait.  In this age of "I got to have it and I got to have it now", people are accustomed to instant response.  If the alternative is euthanasia- is that better?

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