Thursday, September 29, 2011

Train Your Pet

Well behaved pets are the best!  You don't have to worry about visitors, damage to your property, or other aggravations.  While we have formal classes for dogs, cats can be trained too.  At the minimum, you can train your cat to stay in doors and not jump on the kitchen table or counters.

The SPCA has a wonderful trainer by the name of Tracy Free.  Her philosophy is
"Play and Praise" Dog Training Classes. Tracy has 20 years of experience in working with animals. Tracy understands that training should be tailored to the individual needs of both the dog and the human. Making your dog more confident and wanting to please you is her ultimate goal.

What you will learn
*     Week 1 Leash manners/pacing
*     Week 2 Focus and Recall (come)
*     Week 3 Sit
*     Week 4 Down  
*     Week 5 Wait/Stay
*     Week 6 Graduation

The Cost
            $55 for a Lycoming County SPCA dog.
            $80 for all other dogs
            A check for the full amount is required to reserve your spot in class.  Sing up at the   

*     Proof of current vaccinations including up-to-dates Rabies shot.
*     Current Pennsylvania dog license.
*     Dog must be flea free.

What to Bring
     <嫼ɡ>    Four or Six foot nylon leash.  (No chain leashes or retractable Flexi-leads)
         Dog should wear a flat nylon or leather collar, head halter (Gentle Leader®), or Easy Walk Harness.  Martingales or nylon check chokers are allowed if fitted properly.  NO choke chains or pinch collars.
         Your dog’s favorite toy or ball.

Next Class 
          October 8th at 4:30 PM at the shelter. 

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