Thursday, September 1, 2011

Love for Sale (Legally)

Nothing warms my heart as much as seeing an animal walk out the door with a new family.  Sometimes, the staff knows deep down that it won't work.  We try to give them good information so that they can make an informed decision.  Sometimes we flat out say no.  (It never goes well). 

We discourage giving pets as gifts, however, we can provide gift certificates so that the recipient can choose the pet that is right for them.

If you are a parent and think your 12 year old is going to feed, water, walk, and clean up poop without constant nagging you should not get a pet.

If you work 12 hours a day, you should not get a puppy.

If your significant other is allergic, you should not get a pet.

If your landlord says you cannot have a pet, there is a 100% chance that the landlord will find out and you will need to get rid of your pet.

Seems like common sense but sometimes people lose their sense when they see and adorable puppy or kitten.  Just today a couple brought in their two dogs.  One of which they paid $999.99 at a pet store in New York.  Plus microchip, warranty, supplies; they ended up paying $1400.00.  Wow! 

And now the dog is here looking for a new family.  What price would you pay for unconditional love?

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