Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Prepare Pets for Possible Disaster

Know where you can go with your pets in case you need to evacuate.  Make sure your have:
  1. Collar and leash.  Write your phone number on the collar as well as having your dog license and ID tag.  Think about getting a microchip for a lifetime identification for your pet.
  2. Food, bowls, water.  (Pan with litter or shredded newspaper for the cat(s)).
  3. Shot records.
  4. Pictures of your pet(s).
  5. Medications.
  6. Crate and bedding.
  7. Toys and treats.
Prepare any other special items for your pet(s).  Don't be put in a situation where you can't take your pet with you because you aren't prepared.  Places that will allow you to stay during a disaster may not allow pets if you do not have shot records and a way to confine you pet.  (Leash, crate).  So plan ahead and be ready.

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