Friday, September 16, 2011


This is Paco on my desk.  He can be demanding and often nudges my typing hands until I stop everything and pet or brush him.  He arrived at the shelter as an emaciated adult in 1999.  We think he is about 13 years old now.  Someone saw something very special in him (and they were right) and he became a house cat. 

For some reason Paco singled me out, sitting on my desk, eating my lunch, and seeking my attention.  Cats have a knack for  finding their new families and Paco is no exception.  Everyone at the shelter loves him and he pretty much loves everyone too.  He isn't too fond of children but his response is just to walk away.

He has used up several of his nine lives.  The first when he was found, emaciated and brought to the shelter.  His next was when he was attacked by a dog that had gotten out of the kennel.  After that incident Paco lived with me for a few years until he stopped using his litter box.  I took him to the vet who did not find anything initially.  I brought him back to the shelter.  He continued to have accidents and started to lose weight.  So, back to the vet.  He was hyperthyroid.  Got that under control and he resumed using his litter box. (Another life)

He continues to have health issues that we treat (like anemia).  (Another life)

And he gets upset when he can't come in my office.  For instance I had Miracle in my office while she was awaiting adoption and Paco would not come in because Miracle wanted to play with him.  So he started licking himself making bald spots.  (Is that 1/2 a life?)

Anyway, he is an interesting character and we love him very much.  How can you not love a cat who walks across your desk, drinks whatever beverage you have, shares your lunch, and purrs like a Harley Davidson?

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