Thursday, April 17, 2014

CAn't We Just Get Along?

This week we received a dog from a "foster mom" who could not handle the dog.  In her defense, she wanted to foster a small dog but instead got a 10 month old, 100 pound dog with bad behaviors.  To top it off, she was on crutches. 

A rescue group was involved and wanted to transport the dog from PA to Michigan.  The woman who made contact with me about transport was told (by me) that it wasn't necessary to send the dog to a rescue, we would be able to find a home for the dog.

Well! what a firestorm I set off by saying we didn't need to send the dog to rescue.  I was called a liar, an abuser, and I was being cruel to the dog. 

I'm not sure how my response to "find the dog a good home" caused such venom and hateful words.  Why should there be conflict between rescues and shelters?  If a shelter can find a home for a dog why should the rescue be offended?

I received a call from a woman in Michigan who questioned what was going on with our shelter.  We had a nice conversation for 15 minutes and she was very understanding.  I liked that she called to get the story straight, too bad there aren't more people like her.  She was willing to "get along".  Let's play nice and keep the animal's best interests in mind.

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