Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What I Forgot

I rarely get called out for things I write.  I do, however, get a lot of comments on things I omit.  That is an interesting thing to keep in mind.

For instance, our print newsletter is 8 pages long.  Its contents include the past, present and future events, donor information, adoption stories, investigations, business ads from our corporate sponsors, our wish list, and tips for pet owners. Imagine how difficult it can be to squeeze all that information in the news.  But sure enough, if I forget to mention that you should put sunscreen on white dogs someone will let me know.

So, my apologies for all the things I have not included.  I really do want to tell you how wonderful you are; how wonderful the SPCA staff is; how to take care of your pets for every situation; how wonderful our pets for adoption are; and that last elusive thing I forget......

But hey, someone will remind me.  And that's OK.

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