Monday, May 6, 2013

Kissing Pets

I have seen many people kiss their pets or let their pets lick their face.  As a former R.N. I always discourage this practice.  And after a conference I went to, I am dead set against letting pets do this.  It is NOT true that animals mouths are cleaner than a human's.  And here's why:
  1. Dogs and cats lick their butts and private areas.
  2. These pets sniff other pets butts.
  3. They sniff feces.
  4. They eat things they find.  (Anything from dead animals to bunny poop.)
  5. Pets drink from muddy puddles.
  6. Pets don't brush their teeth and rely on their human to do so.
  7. Pets can transmit disease.
If you are an adult you can certainly make your own decisions, but at a bare minimum, protect small children from pet licking or kissing pets.

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