Thursday, May 16, 2013

Justice Served

On December 28, 2012, Officer Woltz served a warrant at a property that appeared to be a puppy mill.  Upon serving the warrant officers found a chocolate lab in an outdoor dog house who had just given birth to two puppies.  The weather at the time was frigid and the unfortunate mother had to maintain her body heat while trying to keep her puppies warm. 

Other dogs on the property were in inadequate housing.  One German Shepherd was in a house so small that her head and shoulders remained outside when she laid down. 

All of the dogs were tested for parasites and Lyme disease.  All were positive for one malady or another.  One small beagle was in so much joint pain that she could not even walk.  There were many other violations, but you get the picture.

Yet owner and friend's testimony said that he 'loved' his dogs.  Yes, he did sell them for $500 to $800 each but he didn't make any money because it all went to food and veterinary bills.  During the hearing he had a beagle in the bed of his truck, in a wire crate, in full sun.   Luckily for the dog, the temperatures were moderate.   He also testified that he took his dog with him every where he went and that the dog rode in the bed of the truck.  Too bad there isn't a law in Pennsylvania against that!

I am happy to report that there is justice for dogs in Lycoming County.  The owner was found guilty, the dogs were relinquished to the SPCA, and there are many happy foster parents.  There is a 30 day appeal period but after that point, the dogs can be legally adopted. 

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