Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Worst Dog Ever

If you have always lived with a dog, chances are you will have bonded with a dozen or so in your lifetime.  My first dog was given to me when I was just five years old and there was rarely a period in my life when I did not have a dog.   And then, I reached a point where one dog wasn't enough and I had two dogs at a time. So my lifetime grand total is ten dogs.  So I shouldn't complain that I have one of the worst dogs ever.  And this isn't really a complaint but more of a reflection on his life because I don't think he will be with me much longer.

So why is he my worst dog?
  • He counter surfs
  • Steals my food when I'm not looking
  • Chews up my favorite shoes
  • Lifts his leg in the house 
  • Has separation anxiety
  • Has chewed the door frame multiple times
  • Has chewed his way through a fence
  • Whines and paces when I'm not in his sight
  • Tries to bite my significant other
  • Raids the garbage can every chance he gets
  • Chews up tissues
  • Chases passersby if he gets out of the house

And why do I love him?  That's the easy part. He gives me unconditional love.  His tail wags when he sees me as he follows me from room to room.  He sleeps on my feet so they are never cold.  And he was my walking buddy.

At thirteen years of age, he is a doggie senior citizen.  Despite multiple tests and medications he is not responding.  He is becoming weaker and weaker.  I know I will be saying farewell to my worst dog ever.

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