Thursday, August 16, 2012

Just Call Me Officer

I have just been sworn in as a Humane Society Police Officer for Lycoming County.  Our current, full time officer has been performing investigations for 43 years!  He has had back-up from another officer during that time.  But the first back-up retired, the next back-up was fired, and the current back-up is going through cancer treatments and surgery.  Knowing that he would need help, I agreed to attend the training and be sworn in. 

So my first full day as an officer of the law, I get to assist in a search warrant.  The poor animals we removed were in great need of veterinary care.  The worse part for me is that the owners were angry and didn't understand why we would remove their animals.  Counldn't they see how thin the animals were?  Couldn't they see the fleas and open wounds on the animals?  That is the worse part.  The fact that they didn't think that anything was wrong or that the animals were in need of veterinary care.  

So now that I am a Humane Society Police Officer I will find justice for the animals that cannot speak for themselves.

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