Friday, August 24, 2012

In Memory of Zeke

It is never easy to say good-bye.  Zeke was laid to rest on Saturday, August 18th.  I like this picture of him because he squeezed himself into this basket that was really meant for a smaller dog. Also, the white mark over his back reminded me of an eighth note.  Which was appropriate since he was my 'musical' dog.  He made the loudest howls and whines when I was out of his sight.  If I left him in my office he would either sit in my chair or jump up on my desk so that he could see out of my office windows and keep his eyes out for me.

His separation anxiety was a source of amusement as well as aggravation.  My wonderful neighbors watched him one week when I went on vacation.  When they came home from work he was gone!  They had doggy doors for the dogs to go outside when they wanted and Zeke managed to chew a hole in the chain link gate and get out of the yard.  Luckily, they found him sitting on my front step.

If I walked out into the garden which was on the other side of the fence from where he was, he would bark and howl like crazy.  I guess it's nice to be so loved.

Zeke followed me from room to room.  I couldn't even take a shower without his company. 

When I came home from work he would bark, howl, and wag his entire body.  What a joyful and exuberant greeting!

I found out by accident that he liked Merlot.  I had put a wine glass on the end table and quickly discovered him lapping Merlot from the glass!  He apparently didn't get the memo that grapes are bad for dogs.

Despite his "flaws" I loved him.  For those of us who have experienced the love of a dog-you know what I mean.

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