Monday, April 2, 2012

The Name Says It All

This is Murmur.  He came to the shelter with his mother and litter mates when he was just days old.  He was adopted at 8 weeks of age but then returned because he had a heart murmur.  He weighed just two pounds and fit into the palms of my hands. 

So I decided to take him to my vet to see what could be done for the murmur.  He was referred to Cornell Veterinary Hospital and had a surgical correction of the problem.  Of course I adopted him and along with the responsibility of the care of the animal, is the name. 

I like names that express the personality of the animal. Cuddles is a good one, so is Lovey.  Some are funny, like Klepto or Stinky.  Others need to be changed like Demon or Killer.  (Although a little Maltese could get away with the Killer moniker.)

Some people don't like animals to have people names.  Some people are insulted to find animals with their same name, others are flattered.  Sometimes you can have funny results with some names.  We had a dog with my name.  Our kennel manager was trying to get her to come inside and was calling-Vickie!  Vickie!  Come here Vickie!  So I said OK and we had a good laugh about that.  (You had to be there.)

Another time I was walking my dogs and a collie began to chase us.  A man came running down the hill yelling "Precious, Precious".  It struck me funny to see this large, burly man chasing down Precious.  When he got the dog he was quick to point out "It's not my dog." 

My dad had a dog who liked to lap beer out of his glass-his name was Boozer.

So when you want to name your pet, try saying it out loud first.  You might not want to be running down the street to get "Naked". 

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