Friday, April 13, 2012

Challenges of a Deaf Dog

Astro is a small, young dog, weighing about 17 pounds.  He is totally deaf which creates training challenges.  Plus, he seems to have cattle dog breed characteristics.  Since cattle dogs are a herding breed they exhibit nipping at heels behaviors.  This is how the dogs herd cattle-by nipping at the back of their legs. 

So he was adopted to a family with children.  Not understanding his breed behaviors the family returned him for "biting ankles and calves". 

SPCA trainer Tracy Free spent time evaluating him.  She found him to be a sweet, playful pup.  She recommended a vibrating collar to help train him and suggested that he goes to an adopter that is knowledgeable about cattle dogs and is willing to accept the challenges of having a deaf dog. 

Anyone up to the challenge?

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