Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pets in Your Will

When we have children, we often prepare our wills in the event that they would lose their parents.   We name a guardian, and sometimes a trust for them.  The same should be considered for our pets.

I've had the conversation about who would take care of my pets in the event of my passing.  Since each dog has a different personality, I have different people that would be willing to take one on. 

Now if you live alone, naming a guardian in your will is even more important.  Not only should you name a guardian, but you should assure the financial care of your pet in your will.

Another tip is to carry a card in your wallet stating that you have pets that will need care in your absence.  Record names and phone numbers of people who could care for your pet(s) in the event that you are in an accident.

I always call it my insurance plan.  If I have a plan in place it is less likely that I will need it.  I hope you won't need it either.

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