Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yin Yang

Two events that give me responses that are polar opposites occurred this week.  First Miracle was adopted!
She had a rough start when we found her, having been shot three times, and then undergoing several surgical procedures.  Despite her injuries and the major surgery to repair her jaw, she remained a loving and affectionate dog.  He new family understands her needs and already love her. 

On the other hand, our Humane Society Police Officers had a case that I found to be downright tragic.  We received a call about an owner beating his dog.  According to witnesses, one dog got out of his yard.  They owner picked it up and threw it into the yard where it fell against a bicycle.  The man then picked the dog up and punched it repeatedly.  Our officers seized the beaten dog and the other dog that lived there as well.  The hearing was held, the owner found guilty.  Magistrate Shriner, ordered that the dogs be returned to the owner and denied restitution for the care of the second dog because it was not the one that was beaten!   To make matters worse, the dog owner was already under probation for assault.  People complain that we don't do our jobs, when in fact, Judges like this are not animal advocates.  We are limited by the law and unfortunately, the animals suffer.

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