Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Heat Reminders

This poster, courtesy of aptly explains the dog in car conundrum.  People sometimes forget how quickly a car can heat up and sometimes need reminders.  If you see a dog in a car, and feel that it is too hot, go to the service desk at the nearest store where the car is parked.  Ask the employee to page the owner of the car and provide a description of the car and it license plate number.  If the owner comes tell them it is too hot for the dog in the car and ask them to go and take care of the dog.  A panting dog is obviously hot.  But if the dog is drooling, lethargic, or unresponsive; emergency action is needed.  Never immerse a dog in ice water as this can cause shock.  If the dog is responsive, provide water to drink.  Wet towels with cool water and apply to belly, groin, and arm pit areas.  If unresponsive, apply cool towels and take to a veterinarian immediately.  Quick action can prevent the death of an animal.

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