Friday, June 24, 2011

Vacation Time

My previous blog was about summertime stress, now it is vacation.  Can you see the connection?  I am especially looking forward to my vacation this year because my daughters and grandson will be with me.  Unfortunately, not my pets.

I do miss them when I'm away but I am fortunate to have a few people I can depend on to care for them in my absence.  I wish every pet owner did as well.  We get reports at the SPCA all the time about people who leave for the weekend or even a week without proper care for their pets.  People will tie their dogs outside and leave.  Often, the animals run out of food and water.  Sometimes, a kind neighbor will take pity on the animal and provide food and water.  The difficulty is that when our officers go to check up on the animals and they do have food and water, we would need the testimony of the witness to prove that the animal is neglected and that neighbors have been providing care. 

You can be sure that I will think about the animals while I am away and if I can get wireless service, I will check on-line to see what is new.  

Until next time......

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