Monday, March 28, 2011

Guns ):-(

I'm a city girl.I have lived and worked in metropolitan areas most of my life.  When I moved to the Williamsport area I had my first rude awakening about guns on Doe day.  I was traveling between Philadelphia and Williamsport via the Northeast extension and interstate 80.  There were dead and gutted deer on roofs, hoods, trucks, etc.  Whoa!  What a shock for a city girl.

Now that I have lived in the area for 25 years, I've become more accustomed to the way of hunters.  However, I draw the line at shooting dogs.  Today, we received a call about an injured dog in the Trout Run area.  Our employee couldn't even get the van up the mountain road because of the ice.  She flagged down a passing motorist who had a flatbed truck.  Unfortunately she did not get the name of this nice man, but thanks to the good Samaritan who gave her a ride to pick up the dog.

The lab mix dog was found by the side of the road with bloody wounds, just shivering where she stood.  Despite her injuries, the dog was friendly and allowed our employee to cover her with blankets and place her in the truck bed.  And if you want to talk about a dedicated employee, she rode in the back with the dog to the van.

The dog was immediately transported to the vet where, upon closer inspection, the dog was found to be shot three times!

The female lab mix is being stabilized with IV fluids, and medication.  X-Rays have been taken.  We have to wait and see how she responds, and if any further treatment will be necessary.

Guns  ):-(

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