Friday, March 25, 2011

Air Conditioning

You must think I'm crazy to think about air conditioning, but what better time to have it installed than before we actually need it.  Let me back track.

Last summer was very hot a humid. (Remember that?)  In an effort to cool the dog kennels, we closed all the windows and doors, opened the main door to the kennel, turned down the air to 65, and tried to blow cool air into the kennels.  As a result, the dogs were cool but many developed kennel cough because we were not recirculating the air.

So when I was approached by a couple who asked me what projects I wanted to see accomplished I immediately thought of the air conditioning.  I also thought about the cat room and how nice it would be for the cats to have a sun room to run around in.  So,  I told them my suggestions, and they donated the funds to do both projects!!!!

Not only that, but because the heating is 12 years old, the installer recommended replacing the heating and air conditioning at the same time.  When I presented both estimates to the donors, they agreed. 

So   the heating and air conditioning are being installed this week and we are ready for our first heat wave.

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