Thursday, February 20, 2014

How Far Would You Go

Euthanasia is my least favorite subject so why would I bring it up?  Because I'm embroiled in a difficult situation involving euthanasia.

We are fortunate that the Lycoming County SPCA does not euthanize dogs when we run out of space.  However, we do euthanize dogs that are aggressive. 

Having said that, I know that you are one of three people:  No euthanasia under any circumstances, euthanasia for qualified reasons, or euthanasia for population control.  And I make no judgment about your beliefs but I do ponder the various thoughts on the subject.

And this is why I bring up the subject at all:  In speaking with the founder of a rescue group that takes in animals that are going to be euthanized, she told me about a dog she has in her home.  The dog has bitten her three times.  One of the bites required hospitalization.  I was quite surprised by her story.  Me personally, after the second bite I would be rather frightened by the dog.

Many of us in animal rescue have a story to tell.  Yes, I've been bitten by a little Chihuahua who ended up being my best friend.  But he only bit me once and I think that is as far as I could go. 

Animal bites can be very damaging.  The bites frequently occur on the face or hands.  Your hands have delicate bones and tendons that, once damaged, can end up providing life long complications.  And your face is the first thing most people notice.  Questions about how you got those scars, or why half your face is paralyzed, can prove to be annoying or embarrassing. 

So how far would you go to save an animal's life.  It is something I think about frequently.

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