Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Terrific Year of Sheltering

Working in a humane shelter is hard work.  The staff who work in an animal shelter do so because they care about the animals.  We try to be up front with everyone we deal with so that it is understood that we will provide the best care possible.

2013 was full of positive changes that will make caring for our animals that much easier.  The big news was our building addition.  We added three rooms:  cat intake to house more cats, a multipurpose room for training and behavior modification; and a surgery room for in house spay and neuter.

Even though the addition was completed in August of 2013, we have already seen a positive change in our statistics.  In regard to the cats, we have adopted out 11 % more, have returned to the owner 26% more cats, and we have reduced our euthanasia rates by 33%!  Now those are some happy statistics. 

Our multipurpose room has helped with dog training making the dogs more adoptable and thereby reducing their length of stay.  Our public dog training classes have helped owners who might otherwise surrender their pet due to poor behavior.

We have finally hired a veterinarian who will perform spaying and neutering at the shelters.  This will help reduce the stress for the animals of having to transport them to unfamiliar places.  (And we all know how much cats like car rides!)

We look forward to 2014 and helping more animals find homes  and helping those animals that are in homes-stay there.

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