Saturday, November 2, 2013

Challenge of a Deaf Dog

This is Classie who arrived at out shelter on December 3, 2012.  She is a sweet dog but has a couple of challenges that cause her to be overlooked.  I would have to say that her first challenge is discrimination.  She looks like a pit bull and people have a stereotypical opinion that all pit bulls are vicious.  This is definitely not the case with this sweet girl.

The second challenge is that she is deaf.  When people walk through the kennel, she is often curled up in a snug circle, oblivious to the din of  barking dogs, and visitors just pass her by.

So what challenges do we have with a deaf dog who also happens to be a breed avoided by our adopters?  First and foremost, if visitors would get her out and spend time with her, they would find her to be friendly and energetic.  She loves long walks and also enjoys leaning against you as she is petted.  Since she does not respond to voice commands, she has learned hand signals.  (Did I mention that she is also very smart?) 

There are training collars available that will vibrate when you want to get the dog's attention.  This should be accomplished with a knowledgeable trainer to build trust and teach the dog consistent expectations.

Also, since she is deaf, it is possible for her to startle easily.  For that reason, we are not recommending homes with small children.

Are you looking for a dog that loves to walk, is affectionate, but has a disability?  If so, check out Classie.  She needs you . 

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