Monday, November 4, 2013

A Reasonable Verdict

Do you remember the emaciated dog from the post of 9/15/2013?  This is her: Lady.  She successfully nursed 9 puppies (with supplemental feedings from the SPCA staff).  While under our care, AND while nursing puppies, she gained 13 pounds!  She is a delight to be around as her tail is in constant motion.

Testimony showed that both mother and puppies were malnourished.  The district magistrate's decision was guilty, the puppies were forfeited to us, and Lady was to be returned to the owner after being spayed.

Of course, I would prefer that Lady did not have to go back to the owner but at least she will not suffer deprivation with another litter of pups.  I just hope that the owner takes care of her. 

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