Monday, July 29, 2013

How Much Does a Free Kitten Cost?

The summertime is a difficult time for us at the SPCA because we are overwhelmingly busy with every aspect of sheltering and investigations.  To make matters worse, we get the greatest number of cats and kittens in the summer but we don't adopt out a significantly larger number of cats or kittens.  One reason is that people can easily get a 'free' kitten.  Often, a free kitten can end end costing quite a lot of money.

Besides the usual things one would need (food, dishes, litter pan, litter) there are additional costs.
  1. Flea treatment. 
  2. Worming.  (Where there are fleas there are worms.)
  3. Vaccines.
  4. Leukemia/FIV testing.
  5. Spaying or neutering.
  6. Veterinary office visits.

Sometimes individuals don't do any of the above.  This is when our Humane Society Police Officers become involved.  But many responsible pet owners take excellent care of their pets.

If you are ever tempted by a 'free kitten' ad, consider an SPCA kitten.  We provide flea treatment, worming, and initial vaccines.  We can leukemia test the kitten or you can choose to have it done at your veterinarian.  And, we pay to have them spayed or neutered.  The best part is that all summer long, you can adopt two kittens for the price of one!  What a deal.

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