Friday, July 19, 2013

Happy Endings

 Can you believe this is the same dog?  Our Humane Officer has been working for over 40 years dealing with people who are thoughtless, mean, and often clueless.  It is a difficult job, and for me, even more difficult not to become emotionally involved.  The major thing that keeps me coming back to work day after day is a Happy Ending.  And this is so with Sincere. 

When I first saw Sincere in her 'home', I was horrified to find her trying to nurse several puppies.  She was emaciated, and the puppies were thin and sickly.  The owner pulled out a bag of low quality dog food claiming that they were feeding her! 

Luckily, Sincere and her puppies ended up at the SPCA where we cared for her and her pups.  All were successfully adopted.  And what is even better, I see that she is happy and healthy in her new home. 

Now that's worth coming to work for.

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